About Productshaala

Hi! I'm Sanjeev Kulkarni.

I'm a Product Management enthusiast and a consultant in the ‘Digital Domain’.

Over the last 12 years, I have helped build 'Digital Products that customers love' and have contributed to multiple millions of dollars in bottom line revenue growth, at large organizations.

My in-person and online training and coaching programs are designed to help Product Managers deliver the digital products that customers will fall in love with.

I invite you to attend our workshops and leverage the free tools on our website to learn how to identify, communicate, deliver and measure 'Value' optimally in a Product, Initiative, Portfolio or an Enterprise.

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My Product Experience

My Background

I have a Bachelor's degree in Instrumentation Engineering from the University of Mumbai, and an MBA in Marketing from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME) Bangalore.

I started my career as a Research and Development Engineer at a boutique firm in Mumbai after my Engineering, where I was intrigued by and learnt the way high quality, high fidelity Speaker and Woofer systems were designed and developed.

Post B-School, my clarity about pursuing a career in Digital Retail (Multi-Channel Commerce), made me take up a Business Consulting position at Infosys Ltd; where I had a chance to work with some of the largest Retail and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) organisations in the US and Europe in Business Analyst, Product Owner and Consulting Product Manager roles. I also had a brief stint at a large Home Improvement retailer in Atlanta GA (Via Cognizant Business Consulting).

During my stint in the US, I joined Walmart Inc in a full time role as a Product Manager. I decided to move back to India via an internal transfer at WalmartLabs in Bengaluru, After close to 5 years in the US. After another year at WalmartLabs, I moved to Intel Security (McAfee) in Bengaluru where I spent another 3 years, owning multiple Product areas.

I’m sure all of the Product Management knowledge, gained over the last 12+ years will be helpful to the Product Community. There have been immense learnings at every single organization and I’m grateful to all the people who stood by my side - working with me on my Product teams, helping me as Scrum Masters, coaching and mentoring me as leaders and executives.

I'm an ICAgile Certified Coach, A Certified Scaled Agile Program Consultant and a Certified Scrum Product Owner. I personally design and deliver Product Management workshops at Produtshaala.

Welcome ! Start and grow a fulfilling Product management Career with us

About ProductShaala

"Vision" behind ProductShaala - Our Vision at 'ProductShaala' is to help digital technology professionals start and grow a career in Product Management, by providing them with trainings, coaching and opportunities to connect with Industry professionals by building a community.

We welcome you to learn from our free videos, Blogs and other resources. Feel free to download and use the Product Management tools in your jobs, for free, and let us know your feedback. You can also reach us with any specific queries regarding Product Management as a career to info@Productshaala.com, and we will try our best to help you.

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