Product Cohort

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Product Cohort

Are you a member of the development or operations teams, or a even a Business Analyst willing to transition into Product Management? You may even be a fresher willing to learn Product Management.
If you are - then ‘Product Cohort’ is the place for you to be in. In this - 2 months extensive coaching program, our Product coach Sanjeev Kulkarni will teach and mentor you to be a great “Digital Product Manager” that you want to be.
As India moves over from providing IT services, towards building great Digital Products to solve the humongous problems that are part of our society, Product Managers will be in great demand (They already are!)
Since there have been not many formal learning opportunities for aspirants, they tend to taking the 2 day Product Owner certification programs. While such certifications help existing Product Managers / Product Owners do well, they may not necessarily help you transition into a Product Management role.
Product Management is not easy to be learnt in 2 days for a newbie. You really need extensive coaching and mentoring.

In the ‘The Product Cohort’ we cover the large gamut of ‘Digital Product Management’ under 2 units. Unit 1 - We believe that a Product Manager cannot function without a solid domain knowledge. This unit comprises of gaining in-depth understanding of the ‘Digital Domain’. We cover everything from Online merchandising, Product discovery and Search, to Pricing Promotions, Payments, Cart & Checkout and even Supply chain planning, SEO and SEM . In Unit 2 we take you through the concepts of Product Management, the roles and responsibilities, tools & techniques available for Product Managers to define, communicate, deliver and measure value across the enterprise; Vision, Strategy and Roadmapping techniques, Agile Product Management with - Scrum, Lean and Kanban. The course is a great mix of theory and hands on exercises (Individual and group). (See the detailed syllabus below)
After the two month intensive, candidates shall go through an online exam. On passing the exam you get certified as a ‘Certified Product Manager’ from Productshaala. We also assist candidates in internships if they have such a need.

Why should you take this course?

  • Product management is not an easy job. A Product Manager is like the mini CEO of the Product. They own the complete lifecycle of the product from inception to retirement. This involves a lot of work and it is usually not taught to amatures at work. We will teach it all !
  • We guarantee a life changing experience for those of you that are new and want to start a career in Product Management.
  • If you do not like our course you are free to walk out in the first week - with a full refund. Yes - you heard it right ‘Full Refund’. Our 100% money back policy protects your interest. But rest assured that you will love the learning experience.

Target group

  • All Digital Product Management aspirants
  • Techies and BAs looking to transition to Product management
  • B-School Students and Freshers

To bring this course to your company campus contact us.

Course Dates

Certifications Details

Unit 1: Digital Domain Foundations

    1. Digital Commerce basics

  • a. Ecommerce
  • b. Multichannel commerce
  • 2. Understanding the customer journey

  • Product Discovery
  • Catalog (Online Merchandising)
  • Upselling / Cross selling
  • Cart experience (Pricing, Discounts, Inventory, Shipping estimation)
  • Checkout (Account, Shipping information, Payments)
  • Order Review and Submit
  • Order placement (Edge cases)
  • Post order communication
  • Returns, refunds, amendments & cancellations.
  • 3. Online Payments

  • Digital payment methods
  • Payment gateways, Payment Acquirers, Processing banks and Card Networks.
  • How does Card Payment work?
  • Subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Optimizing payment success rates
  • Credit card frauds, Chargebacks and anti-fraud systems.
  • Other Payment methods - Internet Banking, E-wallets, Gift cards etc.
  • Handling Order Cancellations, amendments and Refunds.
  • Reconciling financials
  • 4. User Accounts Management

  • User accounts & attributes
  • User account management
  • 5. Order and Supply Chain Management

  • Multi-channel fulfillment (Warehouse management)
  • Transportation (Load) Management
  • Networks and Optimal Routing
  • Last mile experiences

6. SEO & SEM

  • SEO - How to leverage SEO
  • SEM - How to leverage SEM
  • 7. Impact of AI & ML on Digital Products of the future

  • Artificial intelligence and applications
  • Machine Learning and applications

  • Unit 2: Agile Product Management Foundations

      1. Agile Way of Thinking

    • a. Agile concepts
    • b. Applying Agile principles to Digital Product Development
    • 2. Product Owner role

    • Tasks and responsibilities of the Product Owner role
    • Other roles (Scrum Master, Development Team)
    • 3. Managing the Product Backlog

    • From Vision to Product Backlog
    • Roadmaps
    • Prioritization techniques
    • User Stories (including Epics, non-functional and functional requirements)
    • Creating Sprint Backlogs
    • Tracking and communicating progress
    • Stakeholder management
    • Staying in control and delivering
    • 4. Adding Value

    • Adding Business Value to the project
    • Acting as the Voice of the Customer
    • 5. Complex Projects

    • Scaling Agile Projects
    • Value stream-mapping
    • Lean budgets and portfolio roadmaps
    • Suitability of Agile for different types of projects
    • Managing complex Product or Service Backlogs

    Start and End Times

    • 7:15 PM to 9:15 PM on Mon, Wed and Fri.
    • 1:45 PM to 3:45 PM UTC - Mon, Wed, Fri
    • From 1st April 2019 to 31st May 2019.

    Format and Class Size

    • The training course is taught as an online instructor-led workshop with an appropriate mix of lectures, discussions and hands-on exercises. We aim to limit the class size to 20 attendees.
    • You will get study material / workbook and exam voucher.
    • On passing the exam you will get the Productshaala’s, Certificate in Digital Product Management.